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Lives I've Touched


Bill Stachelski

I am a high school teacher / coach and I spent lots of time with Chad at Frank W. Cox High School. I coached him when he competed in track and his accomplishments were unthinkable. He also served as a manager for our football team and his presence and positive attitude was an advantage that we had in every game. He's very committed and a hard worker and he would make any organization better simply by being involved in whatever capacity.


Debbie Dear

Chad is an amazing and talented young man! He puts his whole heart and effort into anything he puts his mind to. Impeccable manners and a complete joy to be around!


Bernie Lee

Chad and I have been meeting for biweekly music lessons for over ten years. Our sessions are always fun and interesting. He brings a great attitude, enthusiasm and positive energy to every endeavor.


Pearl Ibarra

Chad is a perfectionist and works hard in all that he does!

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